Blaze Control Bushfire Sprinkler Systems
Blaze Control Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Blaze Control Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Lilydale Victoria
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Blaze Control Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Our goal is to install high performance sprinkler systems economically, expeditiously and with a minimum of disruption to the client.

Blaze Control provide the following:

  • Provides prompt and professional service and the highest quality workmanship.
  • Adheres to all standards of plumbing, pumping, fire protection and engineering. Its high standards and protocols are implemented when standards are unspecified.
  • Designs and installs the most comprehensive bushfire sprinkler system available anywhere.
  • Ensures its systems are as affordable as possible.
  • Continuously develops, improves and upgrades its installation methods, equipment, product range and customer liaison with the aim to remain market leaders.

South eastern Australia is recognised as having one of the highest bushfire risks anywhere in the world. The periodic fires that devastate areas of the state and result in costly property damage, and at times loss of life, provided the impetus leading to the formation of Blaze Control.

The result of the combined efforts a Master Plumber and a Production Engineer, both C.F.A. Volunteer Fire Fighters, to provide the best possible protection for the home owner and/or occupier, from the ravages of bushfires.

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Mobile Bushfire Sprinkler Systems - Blaze Control "Quickstrike", the portable firefighting pump which is easy to move around